The Journey

"Life’s a marathon, not a sprint” - Philip C. McGraw  

All of our clients go through different journeys on their road to a healthier lifestyle. We encourage our clients to embrace their journey and trust that Millennial's Get Fit will set them on the right path to their goals. Many of our clients have wonderful journeys and below you will find their journey with Millennial's Get Fit.

Marley's Journey

I had ankle surgery last October and was looking for something to help me get back on track. I had seen the results Millennial's Get Fit clients were having and I had said let me find out for myself. As a former student-athlete, I found the program to be a perfect balance. I especially appreciated how Millennials Get Fit personally tailors my program to the needs of my ankle. I wasn’t expecting to see a huge difference at the end of my 8-week program but I was honestly shocked at the end. I’m excited to keep going and can’t wait to start another 8 weeks on my fully recovered ankle!  

Vanessa Journey

So at the time, I decided to look into the program I was technically overweight due to my birth control. I knew I needed a rigorous workout program to shed the weight I gained from birth control. With me being a future athletic trainer, I already knew what certain workouts should look like for particular goals. Once I got the High-Intensity Weight Loss program, I started seeing results. After 4 weeks I lost 7 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. which isn't much normally, but it is harder to lose weight when on birth control. The intensity and frequency of the workouts are spot-on. 

Alex's Journey

Throughout my life, I’ve gone through multiple weight loss and fitness journeys. I’ve tried workout videos, apps, programs, etc. but with Millennial's Get Fit  I feel like I’ve really found something that works for me. I found Millennial’s Get Fit on Instagram and not long after I was in the process of picking a program. Although at first, I was apprehensive, after the first phone call discussion about my goals and my plan, I knew this would be good for me. Not only has this program helped me with weight loss but it has helped me to develop a healthier lifestyle, and that is something I have never experienced before. The support I received propelled me to believe in myself and my abilities when it comes to health and fitness. I am beyond satisfied with my experience and it keeps getting better! I would highly recommend anyone to give Millennials Get Fit a try, you won’t be disappointed!