Kuka's Promise


I promise that if you are disciplined enough to stick with the workout plan, you will have the results you desire. My weight loss journey started on December 6, 2018. I weighed in at 328 pounds and lost over 60 pounds in 5 months. Working out and dieting played a crucial role in this process but my “why” is the reason why I stayed motivated throughout this journey. All my life, I hated looking into the mirror and was disgusted with my body. I hated being over 300 pounds. I hated having to buy all my clothes from the big and tall section, and I hated having to take blood pressure medicine at 17 years old. Being unhappy with my physical appearance affected my mental health as well, but in December of 2018, I decided to change my lifestyle. When I changed my lifestyle, I began to feel and view myself like the winner I always knew I was. I had a vision of being the person I am today, and I just had to keep grinding until I became him. I hope you make the changes in your life to be the person you want to be. 


Millennial's Get Fit Vision!